Instagram Story Viewer

That's why people watch anonymous instagram viewer? I have a good friend. She keeps track of who is watching her Stories on Instagram and how, and she knows her regular fans by sight. Other acquaintances do not look at my content in stories or on the page at all, because they do not see views from me. Although, it's common on Instagram when people with registered accounts are fighting for popularity or anonymity. Another friend prefers not to watch the girls' stories, as he does not want to be displayed in their statistics. Even if he watched some stories, he tries to shift the stories of another profile, which is a friend of the girl, a little. In his opinion, this way he can see current stories from the account of interest. At the same time, the viewing does not get into the statistics, and the owner does not realize that watch Instagram stories.

A little later, this friend found a special application that allows you to view current user stories in Instagram story viewer. Apparently, he wanted to avoid a situation where people started a relationship based on their browsing history when watching stories.

For example, the service is highly popular among domestic and foreign users. This is due to the reliable functionality, intuitive interface and high speed of operation. To use the service, you need to register. This can be done by pulling up personal information from other popular social networks and services: Google, VK, Facebook.