Watch Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that allows us to share our favorite moments, as well as keep up to date with other people's lives. The stories section has become one of the favorites of users to post short videos, photos with filters, polls, riddles, etc.

If you are one of the users of the social network, then you can probably say that the application tracks in statistics those accounts that have viewed your stories. That is, we can know and see the content of others, but not anonymously. The social network keeps records of all people who have viewed posts. If you don't want to be caught watching other people's stories, then here's Instagram story viewer: and you can do it anonymously with a simple service

Reasons for using anonymstory

1) Anonymous browsing

The Instagram platform does not provide a feature such as anonymous browsing of Instagram stories. This means that you don't have the opportunity to watch the user's Instagram stories and go unnoticed. The social network profile whose stories you have viewed will become easily visible among other participants. The anonymstory service allows anonymous instagram viewer.

2) Free of charge

You can watch and download the content you have viewed absolutely for free. You can save them on any device. Note: You do not have the right to use the saved Stories and materials of other owners for your own commercial purposes. Any user or Instagram account has copyrights. That's why, when publishing other people's stories for Insta, make sure that you refer to the main author or link to him.

3) No fake accounts

There is no need to create another fake Instagram account to download and view Insta stories.

4) Analyze competitors' content

Follow the stories of competitors to stay up to date with the latest developments and be inspired by their information for the further and good development of your business strategy and improvement of your brand.