Removing Federated feed from Plume interface

First thing I noticed when I installed Plume, is that I have "Federated feed" menu item, and that it starts to aggregate articles from external blogs I've never subscribed (may be just watched them through my interface). These articles seems to be spam-like articles. I do not want them to be published on my host, for sure.

I am not experienced enough Plum user (not mention developer) to disable this feature, but I decided that I can just remove the link to the Federated feed, so nobody will see it. It would be enough for start.

Feed list is taken from the database. You can see table timeline_definition to see where they are defined

plume=# select * from timeline_definition;
 id | user_id |      name      |  query   
  1 |         | Local feed     | local
  2 |         | Federated feed | all
  3 |       1 | My feed        | followed
  4 |       2 | My feed        | followed
(4 rows)

Feeds with no user_id set are global feeds shown to everyone. So we can hide “Federated feed” by deleting it, or by assigning it to a user that will never login. Plume have __instance__ user with user id = 1, guess it is used for technical purposes. So I decided to assign “Federated feed” to that user, so nobody will really see these federated articles. This I’ve done with the following command:

plume=# update timeline_definition set user_id=1 where id=2;

And this “Federated feed” will never be seen not by users not by search engins.